10 Best VR Roller Coasters

As part of our gaming culture and tradition, the virtual roller coasters have become means of recreation, entertainment, and fun since the early eighties with increased improvement and innovation on the designs of the 3D games. There are many types of VR roller coasters in the industry but we shall consider ten of the best like Cyberspace VR roller coaster, Cmoar Roller coaster VR, Cosmic Roller coaster, Fibrum VR roller coaster attraction, Frag VR roller coaster, No limits 2 Roller coaster simulator, Influx Volcano coaster, Inmind VR, Realworld VR coasters, and Atlantis Infinite coaster.

Cyberspace VR Roller Coaster

The player sits in a gondola riding a giant pendulum with a counterbalance at the other end. It is really a fair ground ride turning you upside down as the gondola or cable car swings higher and higher.

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VR and Real Roller Coasters


You are going to encounter the great inventors and innovators of the original Virtual Reality Roller Coasters in the world. This is the leading VR Company offering original rides that will give you the highest thrills and experiences. There are synchronized wireless VR rides with fully compatible Samsung Gear VR headsets. You will enjoy a vigorous journey in clean rides with accurate and highly synchronized systems that are qualitative and interactive. These rides can turn a horse shoe track element into a flying stage coach fun and amusement.

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Latest Virtual Roller Coaster tendencies

Virtual Roller CoasterHave you ever enjoyed a virtual ride on the world’s tallest roller coaster? Follow me and you are going to enjoy a ride on the world’s tallest roller coaster. However, riding on a roller coaster could be a very terrifying inclination that will send chill down your spine. This roller coaster is built like a skyscraper and is about six hundred feet (600 feet) above the ground.  This virtual roller coaster skyscraper is located over Orlando’s International Drive and it will be ready for commissioning in 2017.

New Jersey’s roller coaster skyscraper, Kingda Ka that is rated to be a record holder and is over 400 feet above the ground is not a match to this edifice and wonder. Travelling on this Skyscraper will be at a speed of about 65 miles per hour, which is really a great speed compared to a car moving at such a speed. Continue reading Latest Virtual Roller Coaster tendencies